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Essay Definition

There is no agreed definition of the term essay. However, for the purpose of understanding, an essay is a written scholarly piece of information that attempts to support the author’s argument regarding a particular topic. An essay can be written by a professional writer, a researcher and most commonly by students.  You will notice that there are various names that are used to describe an essay depending on its purpose for example; research paper, assignment, dissertation, thesis, term paper and so on.

Different names used to describe an essay

Research paper– this is a type of essay that is meant to be published in academic journals.

Assignment– This is a type of essay that is assigned by a tutor or lecturer to graduate as well as undergraduate students in a specified topic.

Dissertation/Thesis– This is a lengthy essay which is written by students on a specialized subject. This type of essay is usually taken by a student who is conducting a research in a bit to achieve a PhD degree.

Term paper– this is a type of essay that is assigned to students at the end of an academic term. It is done by students in colleges and graduate schools.

Types of Essays

Argumentative essay

In this type of essay, a student is required to pick a particular side of an issue and then argue on the merits of the chosen side. An argumentative essay has the following features;

  • A student is expected to make a very strong argument regarding a particular point of view
  • These types of essays are mostly common in competitive examinations e.g. TOEFL, GMAT and GRE
  • The student is expected to make an ethical choice and there is no thing as wrong or right answer.

Analytical essays

This is a type of essay that seeks to interpret and examine a piece of writing for example poems, films, plays, books and so on. Analytical essays have the following features;

  • Examples of analytical essays include political commentaries, book reviews and film reviews.
  • You must make a good argument
  • You should try to be very convincing in your argument.

Contrast and comparison essays

These types of essays entail discussing merits and demerits while comparing two variables. The essays in this category have the following features.

  • How you organize the essay is more important than the style itself
  • You can use two approaches to organize your work. The first one is point by point where you present every point at a time. The second approach is referred to as block organization where you discuss all the merits and demerits at a go.

Narrative essays

These are the types of essays that are presented in the form of a story.  A narrative essay has the following features;

  • Just like a story, it will have three sections which includes; begging, middle and the end.
  • The topic of the narrative will be given by the teacher
  • The prose and plot are very important here
  • The format and style resembles that of creative writing

Inductive essay

It’s a style of reasoning. In this type of essay, the writer will move from a specific point to a general point. It has the following features;

  • You should start from a narrow point as you move to make general conclusions
  • You should ensure that you use the inductive style of reasoning.

Descriptive essay

This type of essay is very similar to the narrative essay. It is meant to narrate a story or describe an event or occurrence. A descriptive essay will have the following features.

  • There are no rules of writing and therefore the writer has the freedom t write the way he pleases.
  • The writer has more freedom in writing this type of essay.

Expository essays

This type of essay introduces an idea, issue or a short theme. It has the following features;

  • They are usually shorter than other forms of essays
  • Personal opinion is very crucial here
  • The writer is expected to state their opinion regarding a particular event, book, personality or a book.

Persuasive essays

In this type of essay, the writer attempts to persuade the reader in a bid to convince them to accept the writer’s point of view. Persuasive essays have the following features;

  • Persuasion and reasoning skills are very important here
  • The essays are used to cause discussions or debates.

Admission essays

This type of essay is written while writing an admission application so that you can be admitted in a post graduate or an undergraduate course in the university or college.  Admission essays may also be referred to as application essays and also statement of purpose. Admission essays have the following features;

  • They should be well structured as they will be making your case on why you should be admitted in that college or university.
  • Admission essays should be intimate and personal rather than being impersonal and formal.
  • While writing this type of essay, two things should be in your mind i.e. your special qualities that will make you desirable in that college and also the special features of that college that will help you in your future career.


Common Essay Topics

For students taking undergraduate degree, the essay topic will be given by the teacher. On the other hand when dealing with PhD students, students will come up with essay topics in consultation with their professors. There are three major areas where students are called upon to come up with essay topics.


There are three major categories of this broad topic of management. They include;

  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources
  • Marketing


  • Corporate law
  • Civil law
  • Contract law
  • Criminal law
  • Business law
  • Consumer law

Computer science

  • Networking
  • Computer programming

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